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Updated 17/11/2008
Burke Terson Family Tree
Hi, My name's Stuart Burke Terson. On this page I hope to be able link other families to mine. So far I've got back to about 1750 with the Terson's coming from France and the Burke's coming from Ireland until the Family moved to Dover, Kent about 1820. This line of the family almost died out as my grandfather was the last Terson left but he had two boys and in turn my Father had two boys and my Uncle has three, and now I myself have a four year old son and a one year old daughter.
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This is the list of the direct family line of my children Tristan and Freya. The youngest of the Burke Terson line.
Baker, Eileen Joan
Baker, Fredrick William James
Baker, Iset Drew
Baker, James
Baker, James
Baker, Susanna
Baker, Thomas Henry
Barton, Phoebe
Beckett, Mary
Beckett, Samuel
Beckett, Samuel
Beckett, Sarah
Briggs, Susannah
Brown, Ann
Burke Terson, Stuart James
Burke Terson, Tristan James
Burke Terson, Freya May
Burke, Winifred
Cole, Elizabeth Ann
Dickeson, Mary
Dont Know, Betsy
Fenn, Ethel
Evans, Margaret
Harlow, Elsie May
Hide, George Merrick
Hide, George Merrick
Hide, John
Hide, John
Hide, Kate Merrick
Hide, William
Huggett, Elizabeth
Jones, Ernest Victor
Jones, Janet Christine
Keys, Daniel
Keys, Edward
Keys, Edward
Keys, Sidney Daniel
Keys, Vera Joan
King, Charles
King, Elizabeth
King, Ellen Amelia Scudder
Knight, Mary Ann
Knight, Samuel Beckett
Knight, Thomas
Morphew, James
Morphew, Joseph
Morphew, Joseph Briggs
Morphew, Phebe Catherine
Morphew, Thomas
Pleasant, Amelia
Pritchard, Hannah
Ridge, Enoch
Ridge, Francis
Ridge, Janice Olwen
Ridge, Robert Arthur
Scudder, Richard
Scudder, Stephen
Scudder, William
Terson, Achee
Terson, Christopher Burke
Terson, Fredric Burke
Terson, Fredrick Richard
Terson, George Burke
Terson, James Burke
Terson, Thomas Achee
Tremlett, Florence Louisa
White, Emily
Wigginton, Barry Ralph
Wigginton, Charlene May
Wood, Susanna
Wood, Susanna
My Family: Sept 2006
L to R: Leanne, Sarah,(Jon's G'F) Jon, My Mum & Dad, Charlene, (My Wife) Me & Tristan.
Dover's oldest established estate agents, Messrs James B Terson & Son, 27/29 Castle Street , Dover (Auctioneers, Valuers, Surveyors & Estate Agents) were established in January 1821 by Thomas Achee Terson, the father of the late James Burke Terson who originally opened his office at 48 Castle Street , Dover . He died on the 12th March 1873 , aged 57 and his wife Mary Terson (nee Dickeson) died on the 29th September 1898 , aged 80 years.

Upon the death of Mr James Terson the business was continued by his three sons, the eldest Thomas Achee Terson, died on the 5th March 1936, aged 95. The six son, Percy Frank Terson, died on the 1st February 1937 , aged 82. Prior to entering the business he was at sea for many years. The surviving brother, Mr Herbert William Terson, died on the 9th December 1946 , aged 94. The three brothers remained unmarried and were extremely active in the business until their deaths; in fact Mr Thomas Terson was auctioneering only a few weeks before his death. The second son James Dickeson Terson Died on the 2nd August 1922 aged 77 and the third son, John Osborne Terson were printers at 42 Townwall Street , Dover , who died on the 26th January 1905 , aged 57. The fourth son Frederic Richard Terson moved to Lewes, Sussex, died in 1929 aged 79. The eldest daugher Mary Florence married Richard Weston she to moved to Lewes and died in 1897 aged 40. The middle daughter Nora Marion Terson Married Josiah Wilford and moved to High Wycombe and had two Daughters, she died in 1949 aged 90. The youngest daughter, Ada Constance Terson, died on the 3rd March 1925 , aged 63.

After leaving 48 Castle Street , Dover , the firm moved to larger premises at 27 Castle Street and the Terson family resided at "Riverside", Castle Street , immediately adjoining the offices
Out of the nine children that James Terson & Mary Dickeson had only four of them married.
James Dickeson Terson married Annie Iron in 1870. They had a Daughter Maud Mary Terson but she died on the 13th November aged just 21.
Frederic Richard Terson married Eliazeth Cole they moved to Lewes and had two boys and three girls (this is where the family line continues)
Mary Florence Terson married Richard Weston and moved to Lewes (No children known about)
Nora Marion Terson married Josiah Wilford they had two daughters (this line continues today)
Frederic Richard Terson & Eliabeth Cole had five children
Frederick Burke Terson he married Kate Merrick Hide from Eastbourne, they had one son George Burke Terson.
Frederick died in 1967 and Kate in 1954
Ida Terson never married and died in Hailsham in 1966
Herbert Stanley Terson never married and died in Hailsham in 1941
Constance Terson married Kenneth Kasner and died in Hamstead in 1975 with no children
Mary Isobel Terson never married and died in Barnet in 1989 aged 96.
Charlene & I
The Terson Family in 2003
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